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I have moved ! I recently joined the International Institute for Labour
Studies at ILO to work on globalisation and labour markets. Having
spent several years at the OECD, this is a great opportunity for me
to further my research agenda on competing capitalist models in
the international arena.

It will also allow me to continue my work on macroeconomic
modelling, in particular my research on the search-foundations of
macroeconomics, on which I will present a first shot - called the
Search Philips Curve - at the ESEM meeting in Milan in August.

In the following months I will concentrate on the following:
What can you find here ?

On the following pages, you can find some information on me and
my research, a list of recent published papers, working papers and
presentations, as well as an overview of my current research
projects. I have also included material related to my recent teaching
on monetary and fiscal policies.
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I am always interested to learn what others are doing in my fields of
interest. So, please feel free to contact me, should you have any
questions, suggestions or ideas for debate.

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Last updated: July 2008
Analysing the impact of international trade and
investment flows on labour demand, using different
labour market set-ups (traditional, search-based,
efficiency wage models) and applying Bayesian
techniques for model selection.
Further developing search-based macroeconomic
models to analyse the long-run impact of monetary
and fiscal policies, both on employment and
productivity growth.
Comparing the impact of technological and policy
shocks on European and US unemployment
Ekkehard Ernst