About Me

I have been working as a professional economist since January

After several years at the OECD - interrupted by a short stay at the
European Central Bank - I have joined the International Labour Office
in 2008 as a Senior Economist.

My main interest goes to
the impact of institutions and structural
policies on the performance of labour, product and financial
markets. In particular, I a
m interested in the way how different
institutions and policies interact with each other to produce the
variety of economic models that we observe today.

On these issues, I have developed academic pieces that you may
here. Some of these have been undertaken thanks to funding
from the European Commission (Marie Curie, STREP), the French
Education Ministry (ACI Jeunes) or following an invitation to the WZB
and the University of Massachusetts (Amherst).

These issues have also been central to my professional work where
I have been contributed to research on market interaction, structural
determinants of inflation persistence and the role of market
imperfections for business cycles.

I am also affiliated with
CEPREMAP, Paris and the Center for
Empirical Macroeconomics (CEM) at the University of Bielefeld,
Germany. Moreover, I am in cooperation with the
Bernard Schwartz
Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA) at the New School
University, New York.

Please follow the
link to download my current CV in a standard
About Me