Resources for Institutions and Economic Performance

During the course of the ESEMK project, I will put some material an
this page, including bibliographic references, data, programs and
first drafts of the report chapters. Some of it is restricted to the
group, some freely available for your comments and remarks.

Restricted material can be found

       Among the freely available material you find:

Our macroeconomic policy database

STATA programs for the estimations

DYNARE programs for the search and matching model

Mid-term reports

The report chapters

  • Table of contents

  • General introduction
  • The short- and the long-run

  • Varieties of monetary, fiscal and welfare state policies

  • Technological regimes

  • Structure, Change and Growth

  • Volatility and macroeconomic policy regimes

  • Growth and matching

  • The empirics of macroeconomic policy regimes

  • Growth, adjustment and policies

  • Some thoughts on the future of the European Social

  • General conclusion